International Yoga Expert and Award Winner, Founder and President of T.C. Institute of Yogic Science, Yograj Dr Kajal Kumar Pandit began studying yoga at the age of 10, under the careful guidance of his guru, Swami Tushar Kanti (Disciple of Swami Shibananda Swaraswati). Born in West Bengal, India, Dr Kajal spent his youth studying yoga, music, art and environmental science. Through many years of single-minded dedicated practice and with the encouragement of his elder sister, Annapurna Pandit, herself a great yogi and spiritualist, his perseverance ultimately led him to an academic career in the field of educational yoga. He has received numerous degrees from prestigious universities.

His illustrious study and teaching of yoga has earned him recognition in both India and abroad including the ‘Proud Son of India’ gold medal (1999) and the ‘Great Son of India' gold medal (1998), awarded to him by the International Human Council for his contributions to yoga education. Dr Kajal has an impressive portfolio, having been an advisor to a host of organizations including India’s Institute of Ecology & Environment, and personal physical advisor to Indian ministers. He was also physical education advisor/yoga instructor at a renowned international school in New Delhi, India for thirteen years. In 2002, he was a Lecturer in a yoga school in Hong Kong and from 2003 to 2006, a Principal Director of a number of yoga schools in Singapore. He has conducted up to 13,000 yoga classes and workshops in India, Mauritius, Hong Kong and Singapore and has taught yoga to a number of celebrities in this region.

With an educational specialization in the treatment of Chronic Illnesses, Dr Kajal emphasizes the therapeutic potential of yoga through proper breathing techniques and corrects body alignment to prevent injuries. He treats yoga as an art form, and believes yoga should be performed gracefully and in a mindful manner. While his methodology focuses on improved physical balance, flexibility, and coordination of the body, his calm and insightful teaching mannerisms create a healing environment of relaxation and body renewal for his students.

Dr Kajal holds a PhD in Yoga Education; a DSc in Yoga with emphasis on Alternative Complimentary Medicine; and a MS degree in Ecology and Environmental Sciences.

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